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Making things happen in 2012

I am a big believer in new year’s resolutions. It’s good to have plans and to set goals for yourself. What’s hard is managing to figure out all your current goals by midnight on New Year’s Eve, which is why it’s taken me until February to fully formulate mine.

There are a few things I want to get on top of this year.

1)      I want to have a job I like, or that I at least feel is taking me in the right direction, by the time I turn 25. That gives me until mid September, although I hope it won’t take as long as that. I am very aware what a challenging goal that is right now, when it’s hard to get a job at all – let alone one you really want. But to be honest, I’ve never looked for full time work when there hasn’t been some level of recession on, so I’ve decided not to let that put me off aiming high.

2)      Still on the job front, but being a bit more specific – I have figured out that I want to get into the digital media industry. Conveniently, Brighton has a massive digital media sector, so I’m in the right place. Last year I started teaching myself about web design and development, and I’ve gotten really into it. I have a lot to learn – but I’m working hard at it.

3)      I want to get my first few websites up and running – and for them to actually be some level of awesome. I’ll be seeking feedback and advice from anyone that will give it, because if I’m going to do this then I want to do it well.

4)      I want to start getting my comics and drawings out there more. Up until now I’ve done a lot of stuff but not really pushed for anyone else to see it. I think it’s because I see myself as a musician, and I feel way more confident about my drumming than my drawing. Every time I draw something and it comes out well, I feel like it was a fluke! But anyway, people like my stuff and I want to contribute to more websites and publications. I already have an offer to draw something for The Night Light, and I’ll be getting that done in March.

So that’s it! Four pretty concrete goals for 2012. I guess I’d better get on with it then…